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Dr med Dr med dent Ulrich Arhold

arholdDr Arhold is a German citizen who studied human medicine at the world-renowned Semmelweis University in Budapest where he obtained his doctorate in that field before embarking on studying dentistry at the same university. Following his studies, he then trained as a medical specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University Clinic Regensburg, Germany, where Dr Arhold was educated in and obtained a wealth of certifications on a great variety of treatment types. Having been awarded his second doctorate at the University of Vienna, Dr Arhold established his own oral surgery clinic in Cologne, Germany, where he remained for four years before relocating to Budapest with his Hungarian wife. In Budapest, Dr Arhold commenced work for the Swiss owned clinic Diamond Dental Concept.

As specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr Arhold not only routinely treats implant patients and performs reconstructive surgery, but is also experienced in aesthetic dermatology such as Botox.

Dr Arhold speaks German, English and Hungarian.

Dr med dent Katalin Nemes

katiDr Nemes is Hungarian and studied dentistry at the famous Semmelweis University in Budapest where she obtained her diploma “summa cum laude”. Following her studies she worked at a private dental clinic before returning to Budapest as clinical specialist at the Semmelweis University’s Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry. In 2010, Dr Nemes commenced work for the Swiss owned clinic Diamond Dental Concept.

Dr Nemes has a special interest in prosthetic dentistry and tooth preservation.

Dr Nemes speaks German, English and Hungarian.

Dr med dent Tibor Cséffalvay

tiborDr Cséffalvay is a German born Hungarian citizen. Having studied dentistry at the famed Semmelweis University in Budapest he obtained his doctorate at the Surgical Clinic of the University of Budapest. Dr Cséffalvay then furthered his studies at the University of Cologne, Germany, before returning to Budapest where he worked in private pratice before joining the team at the Swiss owned clinic Diamond Dental Concept.

Dr Cséffalvay’s special fields of interest are aesthetic and holistic dentistry, as well as implantology. He is also a qualified dental technician.

Dr Cséffalvay speaks German, English and Hungarian

Dr med dent Zsolt Csillag

zsoltDr Csillag is a Hungarian citizen who studied dentistry in Cuba where his father worked at the time. He continued his studies at the Semmelweis University in Budapest after his family had returned to their home country. There, Dr Csillag obtained his doctorate which he followed up with a dental specialist degree. He then worked at private dental clinics in Hungary as well as an NHS dentist in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. There, he developed an interest in dental tourism and he returned to Budapest where he is now treating international patients at the Swiss owned clinic Diamond Dental Concept.

Dr Csillag speaks English, Spanish and Hungarian.


Márta Csuka

Chief assistant of chirurgie and prothetik


Katalin Szabó

Chief assistant Prothetik bleaching prophylaxe


Andrea Vass

Chief assistant Prothetik Chirurgie, X-Ray


Regina Csánó

- Chief of Reception -


Beáta Csánó

Chief of administration and customer service